Welcome to Wellbid Affiliate Program

As penny auction services are becoming more and more popular in the world they give you a chance to make money online. We are international service - 18 countries available and still growing fast. If you want to make extra income online or create another stream of profits, sign up for our affiliate program right now. Good conversion rate of the offer will help you achieve your campaign goals and profits!

What is inside for you?

  • We will show you how to start your online campaign from scratch
  • Step by step guide how to become affiliate
  • Reporting system that will help you track campaign performance
  • Killer creatives that will skyrocket your profits
  • Referral program - make money while others are working for you!
  • Our team support


Do you want to become affiliate marketer but some how you are lost because of lack of knowledge? Our tutorial will explain you basics of online marketing, show you how it all works and how to make it happen. From terms and affiliate marketing in general, through building keywords list, creating landing pages, advertising on different traffic sources etc. The first step is mostly the hardest to do. We want to make it for you as easy as possible.


Tracking your campaigns and ad performance is crucial for you online success. Our tracking links allow adding unique ID to each link and watch how particular ads are working. This allows you optimize campaign by cutting off what is not working in your favor. Affiliates spend their money on traffic and the main focus is return of investment. One thing that differs successful affiliate from unsuccessful is that successful affiliate track campaign performance. What kind of affiliate you want to be?


Sometimes affiliates do not know how to create simple banner. This is not issue anymore. We provide our affiliates with all necessary tools you need to start. We have static banners in different sizes and for different countries.

Referral Program

Each affiliate will get up to 15% commission from referral's revenue.

Affiliate Support

Our Affiliate Managers are here to help you. As affiliates we know "dos and don'ts" of the industry and what our affiliates expect from us. We are here to support you with every issue you have. Communicate directly and do not hesitate to ask us question! Bring new User to our service. Promoting Wellbid can bring you stable income. You will get paid for every new user you who buy bid package. To get more information about commission take a closer look at our commission table.