What is Wellbid Affiliate Program?

Wellbid Affiliate Program is a way to earn through the internet - it is possibility to receive income in exchange for help in advertising Wellbid.
Affiliates will receive commission from the BIDs sale when the users has clicked their affiliate link to get to the web site.

Who can become our affiliate?

Anyone who is at the age of majority or company that has registered to Wellbid Affiliate Program.

How to enroll to the Wellbid Affiliate Program?

You just need to sign up and accept the term and conditions of service.
  • Choosing your login and password is mandatory
  • You do not need to have an account at Wellbid
  • The acceptance of terms and conditions will mean you are aware of the Policy of service
  • Every new affiliate will receive an email with the confirmation of joining Wellbid Affiliate Program. Program to the email address given during the registration process.

How do you know if a particular User has registered and bought BIDs from your affiliate link?

Everyone who enters Wellbid service using your link will be automatically marked with a special Affiliate ID.
After registration at the Wellbid service such a person will be assigned to your account as a Referred User.
You will always be given a commission (paid in accordance with the Commission Table) from the BIDs purchase. Your commission will be paid for six months from the date of every User's registration.

How and when can I get my commission?

Your commission can be paid by a bank transfer, check or PayPal system. One payment daily is allowed. Beware of the fact that every transfer requires service authorisation.
You can pay out your full commission after 35 days accounting period.
The calculation is being prepared according to the Commission Table.

How much can I earn at Wellbid Affiliate Program?

It depends on your dedication and the amount of work. You can even become our best affiliate. Your earnings also depends on the number of the Users you get for the service. All the details are included in the Commissions Table.

How long will I be paid for all the Users who have registered thanks to me?

We offer single payment commission from new Users and percentage commission paid for every purchase made by users through 180 days period.
Amount depends on the BID packet that users bought.

What is referral commission from a new Affiliate?

Every Affiliate will also receive commission for a person registered as a new Affiliate. This means he will be getting 15% provision from a new affiliate who enrolls to the program.

How long will I be paid my new referral commission?

Your 15 % commission from a new referral will be paid for 6 months.

How is New User defined?

We define New User as a person who had registered to the wellbid.com service and his account is fully active because of the BIDs purchase. Only User who bought BIDs can be counted for the commission.

Should I pay tax from the profit I make here?

Yes. Taxation responsibility is on the Affiliate's side.

What Wellbid generally is?

Wellbid is an entertainment shopping service. Entertainment shopping is a specific method of shopping that combines obtaining new products with much more intense emotions than it is usually connected to shopping. Is is about playing and bargain hunting at the same time. Users of our service can purchase their items even for 1 cent! It all depends on auction. To take part in an auction there are special units allowing users to bid-BIDs.

How does Wellbid Affiliate Program work?

Become our affiliate. Your profit depends only on you and your affiliate network. Do you make product recommendations? Come, try and become our Affiliate. This is a place for you start to act. You can really earn money with us! Recommend our service to other people and you will receive a commission on the BIDs they buy and use. It's that easy! You will receive your very own affiliate link and banners.You will promote, and recommend our service to the others. Set your link wherever you want. It can be your blog, website or just create a footer in your mails. It's all up to you and the most important is productivity. The more BIDs your users get, the more profits you will receive. Keep your members active. Gain new users and new Affiliates for this program.